Journey to a foreign land

Hello from NY! Let’s start with a couple of easy housekeeping things. First, if you’re reading this I presume you know me or somebody who knows me. If not, well my name is Kristi and I’ve just moved to Buffalo, NY from TX (the best state in the Union) for my residency in Ob/Gyn. Second item of business: why does this blog even exist? Well, that’s a great question. I’m hoping to use this blog as a space to keep my family, friends and possibly random folks updated on my life, while also including some reflections on life as a displaced Texan and life as an ob/gyn resident.  I have the best intentions of keeping this updated once a week, which I am hoping is a realistic goal. The current plan is to update this every Wednesday…we’ll see how that works out!  

Two weeks ago I made the trek across the country to my new home in Buffalo, NY.

Ok, in reality my dad drove and I rode along as passenger. Together in the 26 foot Penske truck with attached car carrier we crossed 1400 miles and 7 states in 2 short (okay they were a little long) days. To my dismay, it was COLD when we arrived! My neighbor was wearing a sweatshirt… with his shorts and flip flops, but still… I spent the rest of the week, unpacking and shopping! Who knew moving into a place on my own could be so expensive?! My mom flew into town on Tuesday night to help with the move, but really she and my Dad spent a lot of the week exploring Buffalo & Canada on their tandem bike and providing me with comical entertainment.

The last two weeks have been a combination of boring orientation days followed by evenings and a couple of weekends exploring the town.

I do best in Q&A mode, so here are some questions I might ask someone who just moved to buffalo!

1)      Are the buffalo wings better in Buffalo?  Well, I’ve had wings a number of times now and I’ve tried the “best” and “second best” wings in the city. The “best” wings are found at Duffs- your everyday sports bar that, like most places in Buffalo, sells hot wings, beer and pizza. The “second best” and original makers/fryers of buffalo wings can be found at the Anchor Bar in downtown Buffalo. This place is more of a restaurant, but also serves beer, hot wings and pizza. But were the best wings in Buffalo any better than Wing Stop? My answer is: No comment, but only because I don’t want to be kicked out of the city.

2)      Have you been to Niagra Falls? Of course!!! I actually went in December while I was interviewing here. And I went again a two weeks ago with my co-interns Anne Marie and Melissa! It really is pretty amazing! We also went on the Maid of the Mist boat ride that takes you super close to the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls (the one in all the pictures). Everyone enjoyed it, except for Anne Marie’s 3 month old, Joy.

On the Rainbow Bridge, crossing from America into Canada

3)      What’s the weather like? Mostly, lovely! There have been a few chilly days and a few rainy afternoons, but for the most part warm afternoons and cool breezy evenings. Since we are so close to Lake Erie, it feels like I live next to the sea! And the days are super long!!! Daybreak is around 6am and the sun sets a little after 9, which makes an evening jog at the nearby Delaware Park feasible and not ridiculously hot! I know this will change come winter time, but like every good Buffalo citizen, I’m soaking up the summer while it’s here!

4) How is your new place? Lovely! Here are some pics:

Fancy Living room....not quite finished

Dining room

Petite guest room...ready for your visit!

There is so much more to write about Buffalo, but I shall save it for another time! I start on the gynecology service this Friday!!! This is about to get interesting 😉


3 thoughts on “Journey to a foreign land

  1. Yaaaaaaaay I’m so excited you’re going to be telling us about your carazy life in Buffalo! I may just take you up on that offer to visit one of these days… 🙂

  2. Hi Kristi,

    Being a transplant up north (I’m now in Michigan) there are a couple of things I can share with you. If your vehicle is not four-wheel drive you need to get some tires rated for snow put on. This will really help when winter comes. We Texans are used to using water instead of windshield washer fluid to clean the windshield. Get the water out and put in the washer fluid so it doesn’t freeze (this is a must!). Also, keep a blanket, a bottle of water, some sort of snack and a candle with matches in your vehicle. If you breakdown you’ll be glad you have those things. Shoveling snow sucks but it has to be done. Don’t buy a cheap snow shovel.

    If you need anything I can be there in a few hours. Your mom and dad know how to reach me. Send them my love and I hope all goes well for you!


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