Festival Season is upon us

The peope of Buffalo LOVE summer. So much that many Buffalo natives will claim that the wonderful summers make up for the snowy, long winters. (The reasonable people still tell you the truth.) In any case, people really take advantage of every single day in the summer. And thus every weekend there is a different festival to attend.

The madness

Last weekends festival was the “Taste of Buffalo”- a great event held in the middle of downtown to celebrate the many fine restaurants of Buffalo. Basically, lots of restaurants showcased their speciality items or new and crazy food items for a small fee of $2-4. Here are some of the unique things I saw/tried:

– Nitropops- little chocolate brownie icecram pops on a stick…it was like what a cupcake is to a cake, this nitropop would be to a dilly bar.

– Macaroni & Cheese pop- I imagine this would have been a delicious ball of mac and cheese, lightly breaded and deep-fried and then served on a stick…but sadly they were sold out by the time I reached the stand

– Funanas- ie. chocolate bananas…but seriously, why would you call them funanas?

Fun-ana...what's my name, what's my name? Delicious but no need for the name or silly advertising!

– Chicken Wing soup- Yes, this is what you think it is…a soup based on the beloved Buffalo Wings. It was actually not great….which is of course a challenge for me to find a way to make chicken wing soup delicious and not a hot, creamy mess.

– Roast Beef Sunday- This looked like something KFC would dream up! A base of mashed potatoes, covered with beef and gravy and probably something else on top. I passed on this one.

– And then of course the usuals….pizza and calzones at everyother stand!

The LB stands for 'Lil Bacon

All in all, it was a good time and a great way to explore the restaurant scene in Buffalo without spending a fortune. The best part may have been this local Motown band which consisted of 5 or 6 black guys in their sixties who sang and danced to classics like “My Girl.” Such a fun day!

Tomorrow is the kick off event for the “Italian Festival” which is held a couple blocks away from my apt. On my drive in to work this morning I saw people setting up carnival rides…this festival is a bigger deal than I ever imagined!!! I wonder if they need taste testers for the pizza tasting contest?!?!

And for the doubters out there, I do work. Well, mostly. I go to work, but I’m still spending a large amount of my time 1) finding out where I’m supposed to be, 2) figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing and 3) staying out of trouble….I’ve had minimal to moderate success. At least everyone is friendly and helpful about helping navigate the hospital and clinic.



The Beginning of Intern Year

I remember at the beginning of medical school they tell you that there will be a lot of first days in medicine, so get used to it. I really had no grasp of what that would mean until sometime during 3rd year, when I found myself getting to know yet another new group of people who would be my temporary teammates until we all transferred to different assignments, sometimes the next day and sometimes in a months time. It turns out those first days go on well into residency! Every time I walk into Labor and Delivery or 2 South, the ob/gyn floor, or the OR I have to introduce myself to a new group of people. Which, honestly it’s way easier introducing yourself as “the new intern” versus “the rotating medical student” but the respect is somewhat the same at this point.  

My co-interns!!! Melissa and Anne Marie (plus Joy, the baby). You get a keepsake poncho for riding on the Maid of the Mist...mine was promptly recycled.

Baby Joy doing what she does best, being adorable! She is Anne Marie's now 4 month old daughter.


My first official day was last Friday, July 1, the day most programs integrate new interns into the hospital and clinic services. This month I am on the Gyn service, which is essentially going to a bunch of gynecological surgeries. So far, everything is going well, I’m just trying to learn the current order of things which takes a little time. And it’s weird realizing what my responsibilities are, like writing prescriptions. Yep, that’s one of my jobs, which I occasionally forget about. And writing REAL progress notes. Before, there was low motivation to write a note if I didn’t have to, because my progress note was for “my educational benefit” only, and not for the actual communication of patient information. But now, my note kind of matters…

This weekend I took my first overnight call in the Labor and Delivery ( L&D), which was honestly the least crazy I’ve seen our board of laboring patients over the past week- there was a 3 hour time period when there were NO patients in labor and no patients who thought they were in labor sitting in triage. But it was nice to start on a slow day so I could figure out how things worked in L&D, which is where I will be next month. Which reminds me, No, I have not delivered any babies yet since beginning residency. Just in case you were wondering.

This Sunday, in honor of the 3rd of July…j/k the 4th of July, which we celebrated on the 3rd, a few of the residents and I went up to Niagara Falls for a picnic and to watch some fireworks. There were people everywhere!!! It was pretty spectacular to see the falls at dusk and to celebrate America’s Independence Day!!! 

At the Falls with my co-residents, Christina and Jenni.


We had a tough time dodging all the tourists! We managed to capture this before the masses crowded in for the fireworks.

And I’ve saved this for the end, because it brings me great sadness to report that I have relinquished my TX drivers license and am now in possession of a NY drivers license. It’s official- I live here.