Visitors from the home land

I’m back! I’m about to start my 4th week of Ob and have yet to write anything!!! I know…I really fell behind. In my defense I was sick for a couple of weeks and my work schedule has been busier than it was in July.

A couple of weeks ago I had two very special visitors- mom and grandma came for an extended weekend. We packed about a week’s worth of activities into 4 days. On Saturday as soon as they landed we went to lunch at the famed hot dog place, Ted’s Hot Dogs. They are known for their hot dogs of course, but also for Loganberry juice- like kool-aid with a syrup additive. People from Buffalo are crazy about it. From there we drove to north of the city to the Becker Farms and picked blueberries. I’ve never been fruit picking, but apparently it’s something people do in the north. It was a great experience! The sun was shining, the blueberries were delicious and the company was fantastic. Afterwards we cooled off with some Becker Farms beer- they had a very good selection of summer beers. On our way back into the city we stopped in the town of Lockport, named after the locks that connect lake Erie and lake Ontario.

We picked nearly 4 lbs...and mom ate about 2lbs while we were picking...only kidding!

Despite eating all day, we ventured out to Romeo and Juliet’s for dinner- a nearby Italian restaurant/ café!  Mom and I had been before and since we enjoyed the food so much the first time, we ordered the same thing this second time around!

The next day we put the fruits of our labor (those delicious blueberries) to good use and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We needed lots of energy for the next activity- venturing into Garden Walk 2011. This is a big event that is actually like 5 weekends in a row where local homeowners showcase their gardens. There are a couple of neighborhoods where nearly every home on the block has an exquisite garden in the front and back yard.  I just thought it would be neat, but it turns out its this huge event that is held every year in Buffalo and people come from all over the country to see the gardens! We met a couple of ladies who took a bus up from Virginia just for the garden walk! Crazy! The gardens were spectacular.  After about 2 hours of non-stop gardens we left and headed to my favorite coffee shop Spot Coffee for some lunch.

We decided to take an afternoon siesta after the garden walk…well actually Mom decided I should take a siesta because my strep throat was finally catching up to me. After that we woke up just in time to head down to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Victory for mass. This church has got to be one of the most beautiful churches in all of America! Truly amazing!

For our last event of my weekend, we went out to Delaware Park for Shakespeare in the Park- the current play being As You Like It. Every summer this group puts on two of Shakespeare’s plays and they each run for 3-4 weeks…for FREE (donations kindly accepted!) The play was wonderful and the acting was great! Unfortunately my new bedtime is super early and we left at intermission.

Mom and Grandma stayed till Tuesday and were able to venture up to Niagara Falls on Monday and to the Buffalo History museum on Tuesday. It was really great having them here and showing them around the city that is my new home. When they left, I had a weeks worth of leftovers in my fridge and a full tank of gas…not too bad 😉

What a cute Grandma!


As for work, well, it’s super busy and still overwhelming about 50% of the time, but I was warned that is how everyone feels during their intern year. They say it will get better…I’m hoping that’s the case 🙂


2 thoughts on “Visitors from the home land

  1. Thanks for sharing. I miss you and this brings you closer. I cannot wait to visit. I know it will have to be next summer for me, but as fast as time goes it will be here before we know it. Little Ron turned 12 today. It is amazing how fast it all happens. We love you!

  2. Now I am really excited to come and see you. You have such a way with words . They have a way of making you feel as if I

    am there with you. Hang in there and have a great birthday this week.

    love MeMe

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